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RMS(Romasoft) SendMail GridTM , is an application created to help you send bulk email and SMS Messages easily on a click of a button. The application is a simple but interactive and easy to use desktop app for windows systems. RMS SendMail GridTM  contains functionality for setting up your, either . . . Read more

Setup Outlook for Emailing

Outlook 2013 edit existing email settings Use the following step by step instruction to setup your email in outlook 2013 Open Outlook and navigate to File >> info>> For a new account, Click Add Account else proceed to step 3 Click on Account Settings drop down and click Account settings . . . Read more

Romasoft Email Settings

Secure SSL/TLS Settings (Recommended) Username: Password: Use the email account’s password. Incoming Server: or IMAP Port: 993 POP3 Port: 995 Outgoing Server: or SMTP Port: 465 Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.   Non-SSL Settings (NOT Recommended) Username: Password: Use the email account’s password. . . . Read more

Creating A School Record

The first thing you would want to do after you log in for the first time is to customise your database to suit your school. This is done mostly in the Admin tab. Select the Admin tab and then School tab. Enter information needed for the School tab fields.(its much . . . Read more

How to register bulk students

You must be logged in with a level 6 clearance to be able to perform the following operations. Download an excel CSV file from Copy your students information to the csv file downloaded with all headings in the order as the downloaded file. Save the file as a csv . . . Read more

How to register a student

You must be logged in with a level 2 security clearance ore above to be able to perform the following task. Open the students tab and click on New Student button to open the New Student Form. Click the New student button on the form. The student number and the . . . Read more

Add a course to a student

You must have a level 3 and above security clearance for you to be able to perform the following. We assume that there is one or more students registered in the management system. If you haven’t yet registered a student, please see How to Register a student to the R-SAMS . . . Read more

First Login

If you have not yet opened your application, double click on the desktop icon or click the start menu/screen icon to start the school management system. The software starts loading immediately and a login screen appears. You can now type in the user name which was generated by the system . . . Read more

Installation of R-SAMS

Prerequisites: Your computer needs to be running sql server 2012 or above, .net 4 or more, windows 7 or above. If you chose to put the database on a network server(most preferred), You will need to have a network connection to the server and ensure that your computer and database . . . Read more

User Management

The School Administration Management System(SAMS) Allows you to create users and assign roles to them. This ensures that each user of the system is limited to use only items limited to the role assigned. Create a User Prerequisite: You must have been logged in as an administrator to be able . . . Read more