RMS(Romasoft) SendMail GridTM , is an application created to help you send bulk email and SMS Messages easily on a click of a button. The application is a simple but interactive and easy to use desktop app for windows systems.


RMS SendMail GridTM  contains functionality for setting up your, either public email or private emails, for sending bulk emails. This is an easy to use platform for those who want to send bulk emails to clients. The emails DONNOT GET SPAMMED by your day today used email applications. That ensures that your clients can be reached as quickly as possible. Depending on the number of clients you have, RMS SendMail GridTM can send mails from 1 to unlimited depending on your ISP limitations for the amount of mails you can send at once.

The application utilizes Web SMS Providers for sending SMS messages to clients. You need to be registered with an sms provider such as bulksms.com etc. to be able to send sms mails to any number in the world.

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