Add a course to a student

You must have a level 3 and above security clearance for you to be able to perform the following.

We assume that there is one or more students registered in the management system. If you haven’t yet registered a student, please see How to Register a student to the R-SAMS

Enter the student number of the student you wish to give a course to in the search box and press enter/return. In the courses Grid, Enter the relevant information.

 Field  Description and content
 Course  Select a course you are registering this student to
 Registration Date  The date at which this student was registered in the school
 Class Begin  The Start date of a registered course
 Class End  The End date of a registered course
 Semester/Term  The term in which the student registered the course
 Class Group  Section or group in which the student has been allocated a class e.g Group A.
Assign Group A to all students if the school does not have Class Group Divisions.
 Completion  The state of a student in a given course. Leave it unchecked if the student has not yet completed his/her course
 Others  Any other detail of students on this course registration worthy of note.

Save the changes.

If the student is registering for another course, register the new course below the existing course and mark the old complete.

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