How to register bulk students


You must be logged in with a level 6 clearance to be able to perform the following operations.

  1. Download an excel CSV file from
  2. Copy your students information to the csv file downloaded with all headings in the order as the downloaded file.
  3. Save the file as a csv file.
  4. Login to the RSAMS data base application (level 6 clearance).
  5. Click File and then SMS Options.
  6. Select Upload Bulk students and browse to the file you saved.
  7. Select the file and click open.
  8. Enter the csv delimiter in the delimiter text box e.g. ‘;’ or ‘,’ without inverted commas
  9. Click on upload. All students should be upload and saved within a few seconds depending on how many students. Approximately 5-15 seconds for 3000 students.

Note: You may experience errors if:

  • The format of the csv file downloaded has been changed in terms of columns reshuffling.

  • If one or more students having mandatory fields missing i.e. Student Number (Added Automatically, Date Registered, ID Number, and Department).

  • The csv file is inaccessible due to permissions or any other reason.

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